The night we met Laura Enever & Felicity Palmateer

BILLABONG Party with the Team Riders at „The Lawn,“ Canggu

Pictures by: Billabong

Sunday, 30 April 2017. After a fun morning surf at Ulus,I started to get excited with my friends Mayla and Lynne. This afternoon we were going to a “Billabong-Party” in Canggu –like real groupies haha- to meet some of the Billabong team riders! We were especially stoked to get to see one of our surf idols, Laura Enever! Actually, she was the reason I finally agreed to make the long trip down from the Bukit to Canggu, or “The Gu” (sometimes also referred to as Hipster-Central;). Canggu is about an hour drive from my place and always super crowded, especially on a big event like this, I thought. But then I heard that Laura and perhaps the other pro surfer girls, too, and I was all up for it! The cherry on top: A friend of Lynne put us on the ‘guest list’, which meant that we would be able to enter the ‘VIP-area’ – and get free drinks, too! Perfect! After a ‘stressful’ afternoon of choosing the right outfit for such an occasion and putting the right amount of make-up on (we usually don’t ever go out), we were finally ready to go. We booked a Grab taxi and got the most awesome driver, who took all the shortcuts possible to get us there asap.

A dance in the grass at Old Man’s beach

“The Lawn” in Canggu, is the new beach front venture of Single-Fin co-owner Tai “Buddha” Graham. The location, right at Old Man’s is beautiful, right on the beach with a great lawn in front of the bar to throw some wild dance moves! Right after we arrived and were admitted to the upstairs area, we spotted so many famous surfers in the crowd: Dimity Stoyle, Jack Freestone, Laura, Felicity Palmateer, Taj Burrow and many more! It was super exciting to see our heroes up close! We felt like little school children again, admiring our superheroes.

Awesome live music from „Guantanamo Baywatch“ and „Wash“

It turned out to be a super fun night with delicious cocktails in the sunset and some really danceable tunes. The afternoon was started off by a wonderful local cover band, which played some chilled-out sunset songs. They were followed by the great electric guitars and rock music by “Guantanamo Baywatch.” Later on in the night, when the crowd was already sweaty from all the dancing, Creed Mc Taggart’s punk band, “Wash,” from Byron Bay picked the pace up a notch again! What a great night of dancing on “The Lawn,” with the sound of waves crashing in the background.

And finally: The highlight of the night, meeting Laura and Flick!

But what about our meeting with Laura? The whole night we were too shy to walk up to her. We didn’t want to rudely interrupt her in a private conversation…and suddenly she was gone! She had left and we hadn’t even asked her for an autograph! We were all crushed and tired and decided to go home. Then, on the walk up to Deus Ex Machina, we saw her! She stood on a corner waiting for her cab. And pro-surfer and artist, Felicity Palmateer, was there, too! We exchanged a quick look and headed straight over. This was our chance, after all!

“Hi, girls. Would you mind taking a photo with us,” Mayla asked frankly.

“Yes, sure. Why not,” Laura and Flick answered. Wow, it was really happening!

After we took the photo, we just stood and talked for what felt like an eternity. I didn’t even know what to ask. There were simply too many questions and things I wanted to say! In the end, Mayla ended up doing all the talking. Laura was sooo lovely! She really took her time to talk to us and showed no attitude at all! She really made us feel comfortable and welcome and was happy to listen to all our nervous bubbling. Felicity was super tired, because the girls had only travelled to Bali for the weekend, especially to come to the Billabong party. After all, it’s the middle of the World Tour, so the pro surfers are all super busy competing! Nevertheless, we got a chance to meet them. It was such an honour! Thank you, Flick and Laura <3 All the best for your lives and careers!


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