Thai Green Mango Salad: Healthy, low-fat food for mermaids

Why green mango salad is the best

Thai Green Mango Salad is one of my all-time favourites! It’s simply the best after a long day of sun, sand and waves and will leave you feeling revitalized and energetic for the next surf-session. It is healthy, sweet, crunchy, a little sour, spicy, juicy and refreshing, all at the same time and will tickle your tongue with its veggie and fruity goodness.

How you can make it within 20 minutes at home

This salad is best made with young, green mango and crunchy iceberg lettuce. Add some freshly chopped, big red chillies for a nice sprinkle of spice without setting your taste buds on fire. Topped off with some fresh coriander (if you like), the special Thai dressing and some roasted cashews for an extra load of protein, this is one of my favourite starters or side dishes.

For a great recipe, go to:

My favourite Thai restaurant in Bali: Kat’s Kitchen

I usually order it at my favourite Thai-Fusion restaurant on the Bukit Peninsula, „Kat’s Kitchen.“  They serve super-tasty, healthy food at very competitive prices: You can have fresh veggies, seafood, traditional Thai and some classic Western dishes (Greek Salad, pasta, etc). All dishes are cooked and served with the utmost care and you can taste the love that goes into the cooking!

Kat – who is a native Thai lady and an excellent, experienced chef – serves the Mango salad with a likewise tasty and pretty side decoration of fresh parsley, grated carrots, red cabbage and a fresh green lettuce leaf. This dish is truly a feast for the senses!

There are two outlets of Kat’s Kitchen, one near my home in Ungasan and another one in Jimbaran. Read the great reviews on Tripadvisor:

For a great recipe, go to:

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