Nourishing natural care for surf-hair

Do you know the feeling when you are under the shower after a surf, touch your hair and think: „Ewww…what is wrong with my hair“? After being in the saltwater for hours, our mermaid hair often feels dull, dry as straw, lifeless or sticky. Here is the perfect cure to bring your hair back to life, make it shiny and silky for a stunning post-surf style!

Do you also like a down-to-earth, bohemian, simple but elegant mermaid style? I love all things healthy, organic and natural. These products are not only good for your body, but also for your conscience. You can protect the environment by using natural ingredients and reducing the amount of packaging/ plastic you consume every day (see DIY hair mask below).  Also, I like to keep my amount of personal care products and cosmetics down to a minimum. „Quality over quantity“ is a general motto in my life. Some of my favourites are the Cantika Zest products.

Cantika Zest hair treatments and body oils

One of my favourite health-food and natural product stores in Bali is Bali Buda: They provide the best natural food and care products on the island. And even better: They do home-delivery, too! Some of my favourite products are those from the Cantika Zest collection, in particular the „Coconut Shampoo,“ as well as the „Coconut Conditioner.“ There are two options, for either ’normal‘ or ‚dry‘ hair. I love to use the Shampoo for dry hair after a surf session in the hot Bali sun. It leaves your hair luscious and silky and you won’t even need conditioner! If you are surfing several times a day, though, e.g. on a surf trip, the Conditioner is a great treat for your damaged hair. It will lick it up like a banana split and look and smell gorgeous afterwards!

DIY hairmask with Coco oil, Avocado and Mango

Looking for a cheap, simple and brilliant DIY natural conditioner and vitality boost? Here comes a deeply nourishing SOS-cure with all natural local ingredients. Go to , where my friend Nancy explains how to mix avocado, mango and coconut oil to the perfect mermaid hair mask! My hair felt super silky and lush after we tried this amazing mask by the pool 😉

Cover picture courtesy of Billabong AUS.


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