Living a beach lifestyle in Indonesia

For years, I was (unconsciously) on a restless quest for peace of mind, for a sense of belonging, for a place by the sea that I could call home. I wanted to live a beach lifestyle. From the time I left school at 19 and started traveling, I was always on the move, whether it was on native soil in Germany, around Europe or overseas. Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, …

For two years I believed that I had found ‚my‘ beach lifestyle. I was living in Lorne, a small picturesque fishing village on the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne, Australia. But it turns out that it was not going to be the end of my journey. My very good Australian friends were the ones who recommended a holiday in Bali to me, which ended up being a life-changing experience.

How I found my dream beach lifestyle

I moved to Indonesia out of love. For the ocean. And for a man. (Yes, I fell in love with my surf instructor… such a cliché! But that’s a different story 😉 I never really knew what I wanted, or what I was looking for on all my solo travels, until it was right in front of me, suddenly within reach: To share my experiences with the man I love. The freedom to live a rich life together, not in economical but in personal terms. The freedom to surf as much as I possibly can and live a beach lifestyle in endless summer.

I have finally found the place which has brought me to my true self, taught me who I am and who I can be: This Indonesian archipelago, the thousand islands which have the power to bring you back to believe that dreams still come true. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true! I have found a place where my soul is fulfilled, where I am happy. I have the opportunity to make all my surf- and ocean-based dreams come true. I try to take every day as a gift and live it to its fullest, rather than worrying about myself in 20 years from now. (Which is not easy by the way, especially with a family that is always on my tail about a secure future, my pension and all!) 😉

Indonesian people are an incredibly persevering, beautiful folk. On the one hand, they may lack long-term perspective (in an efficient, well-organized German’s eyes – not including me, that is, haha). On the other hand, I truly admire them for how they have perfected the practice of worshipping the present. No matter what hardship or suffering they are facing in their life, they will never refuse you a smile. And in the great majority of cases, they will treat you with patience, kindness and humility. These are virtues that are terribly lacking in the Western World and which I am re-discovering and re-learning. There is still SO much left to discover here and so many things to learn!


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