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Hi my name is Nancy, I am 34 and when I’m not busy travelling the world, I live in Berlin. After travelling throughout the past eight months, I am now spending the summer in Germany. At the moment I live and work in Berlin as a photographer and blogger. The summers here are a dream and if I end up missing the ocean, I just drive to the Baltic or North Sea – or I board a plane in search of waves all over Europe. Just the way I like it.

I worked as a manager on a cruise ship for many years. In 2015, I quit and started my own business as a photographer. To be able to afford my lifestyle, I work worldwide as a photographer. Every once in a while, when I miss living aboard a ship, I go out to sea, but now I only work as a holiday replacement. 

Currently, I am building a second, online business , along with being a photographer. I am working on my blog about photography, food and surf lifestyle every day. It doesn’t feel like hard work, though, because this is my life and I enjoy the process a lot.

When I started surfing a few years ago, I did not know many others who surfed. I used to go to surf camps to be among like-minded people. But by now, I have a great circle of friends who live the same or a similar life to mine and that is just great! It’s amazing to exchange and to spend time together. When I was living in Bali, I met some great girls who are enriching my life. Up until two years ago, I could only manage to surf once or twice a year. Now, I spend every winter abroad and combine surfing, yoga and my photography work. I live where the sun is shining and the surf is up.

My family does not quite understand what I am doing for a living (yet), but they still support me in every possible way. They can see how happy I am doing this and understand that this is my preferred lifestyle. I try to see my family as much as possible, but when I am travelling all winter, I sometimes don’t see them for several months. But luckily there’s Skype & Co. where you can see each other and talk about your experiences.

My attitude towards life is: „Live every day and don’t let others influence you. Listen to your heart and do what you love! Live your dreams, because you only have this life.“ My advice to all who want to live like me is: Work hard in your current job, think hard about your goals, save up and just do it! It’s not always easy, but with discipline, the right mindset and a clear, big vision, you can make anything happen. You just need to believe in yourself and your vision and everything is possible.

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