Interview with Bohemian artist Hannah Adamaszek

Today, we interview Hannah Adamaszek, a super-talented artist from the UK. Her bohemian, earth- and nature-themed paintings are among my favourites! If I was good enough to be a painter, it would be my goal to paint like Hannah. She paints stunning portraits of inspiring female characters! The pastels and yoga-inspired themes are unique and simply amazing. And the best thing: She is available as a commision artist – so what are you waiting for! Get that stunning mural painted on your bedroom wall or at the yoga studio 😉 I would love to have one of her beautiful pieces hanging on my wall soon – get ready, Hannah haha!



Instagram: @hannahadamaszek

Twitter: @HannahAdamaszek

Pinterest: @hannahadamaszek

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What is your name and nationality? Where do you currently live?

My name is Hannah Adamaszek, I’m British, but have family in Poland. That’s where my name comes from. I’m living just outside of London at the moment in Crawley.

What is your biggest passion and where did you first ‚discover‘ it?

At the moment there’s a few things that I love to do. Running is one of those. After doing my best to avoid it during school, I’m surprised I ended up loving it so much. A few years ago I thought I would try it and fell in love with running outside. It felt like a big adventure, being outside, and running on trails that I’ve never seen before. More recently, I’ve started climbing. I go to an indoor place in Brighton near where I live and try to get outside as soon as we’ve had some nice weather.

What inspires you?

Nature is my biggest inspiration. And we are a part of that. I love it when we become a part of our surroundings and live in harmony with it. Over the past few years, yoga has been a big part of my life, so I’ve been pulling inspiration from that, too, in my paintings.

Do you have an education that is related to your passion?

I did study art at university, but found the course very narrow-minded. It didn’t take long for me stop painting after doing the course and it was a good five years before I picked up a paintbrush again.Â

What kind of lifestyle do you currently live and is there anything you would change?

I seem to be busy all of the time. I would love to be working full time on art and am working towards that now. Also making more time to do things I love, as it inspires what and how I paint.

How do you support yourself and your passion financially?

At the moment I work on my art and in a bike shop. I sell my paintings in my online shop and have been working with some galleries mainly in the UK, but would love to work with some in the USA and Australia.

Have you ever tried surfing?

I’ve never tried surfing before, but would absolutely love to. I’ve done a lot of snowboarding and skiing in the past, and am hoping it’s similar.

I absolutely LOVE your Instagram. How did you manage to get so many followers? Does it help you to acquire clients?

Thanks 😀 The Instagram account really just evolves by itself. I’ve made some amazing friends and done some exciting collaborations through Instagram. One being some murals with one of my favourite artists Lucy (Instagram @lucylucyone), who happened to be over from Australia not long after we had started following each other.Â

What is your favourite quote, or do you have a motto that you live by?

There are so many quotes that I love. I find the writing of Nikki Rowe (Instagram @nikkijade_creations) really inspiring, and she is such a lovely person.

What is your biggest dream for the future?

Just to be happy and to try and make other people happy through my work

How would you imagine yourself ten years from now, given that you become famous with your art? 😉

It would be amazing to be able to do my work full time and to really develop it further. I’d love to have time to work on a short animation.

What would you recommend to somebody who wants to live like you?

To do what is best for you. Do not paint for galleries or people on social media because you will lose that passion you have for what you do.

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