Clarissa (26), fashion designer at „Aponcho“ from Vienna

Meet my wonderful creative friend, designer at Aponcho surf brand and soul surfer, Clarissa, from Vienna!



Instagram: aponcho_surf

The surf community in Vienna

Even though Vienna is a landlocked city, Clarissa speaks about her beautiful hometown with huge enthusiasm: “I really, really love Vienna! It’s the most beautiful and most liveable city in the world, and now that they also built a wave, the surf community is even more happy!” She manages to surf every day from May through to September, as she landed a job as an instructor at the 3City Wave stationary wave. Congrats Clari!

The rest of the year: Travelling the world with a surfboard

If she is not in the water at the heart of the picturesque Austrian capital, Clarissa loves “traveling and exploring new places, and chasing waves and having salty hair all day.” She enjoys surfing the quality waves Portugal has to offer. And because even Vienna gets a little too cold and grey during February, this is her favourite time to leave Europe and travel overseas. One of the places she loves most on this planet is Bali, where we met in 2013. Really, it has been four years already? Time just flies when you are doing what you love 😉

Founding her own surf label, „Aponcho“

That’s not even all about powerhouse Clarissa! When she is not working as a surfinstructor or travelling the world with her beloved surfboard, you will find her working on new fashion designs: Clarissa is a designer and founded her own label, Aponcho, in 2016. She makes awesome cotton bath robes/ changing towels which are super helpful when you want to change at the beach – and are trying to stay decent meanwhile! With your new Aponcho there will never again be any moments of shame when your bum or boob pops out infront of the whole beach community 😉 In addition to that, you can also use the Aponcho as a board sock to protect your biggest treasure from sun, scratches and dings while you are travelling! Clarissa is also working tirelessly on finishing her swim-/ surf-wear collection…make sure you are the first to put in your order online for one of her lovely customized pieces!

Clarissa’s advice for all surfer girls out there: “It’s important not to stress while surfing…because you never know. Sometimes the waves are too big or too small or it’s too windy and you can’t surf at all.”

Clari’s life motto: “Always think in a positive way!”

If you want to live your dream, Clari recommends: “The time is now! Follow your dreams and do what you love.” 

Favourite quote: “Do what you love, love what you do!

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