About me

Hello beautiful mermaid/ beach lover/ lover of life!

My name is Inga and I am a German mermaid living my dream beach lifestyle in Indonesia. I am originally from the beautiful city Cologne by the river Rhine, but have been travelling since I was 19. I first spent two years living, studying and travelling around the astonishing Australian continent which forever holds a big place in my heart.

While being a lonesome wolf and travelling all around the coast and to the Red Heart of Australia, I had a lot of time to think about life and what I want to do with the one I was gifted with… I decided that I would NEVER sit in an office and work for somebody or do something that I do not believe in – life is simply too short to mess around! Come and share your thoughts on this in the Facebook group of German Mermaid Diary: https://web.facebook.com/germanmermaiddiary/ We love your ideas and fresh input!

At first the plan was to stay in Oz and work at my favourite café „The Bottle of Milk“ by the sea in beautiful Lorne (on the Great Ocean Road) to get a permanent residency… However, my caring, dutiful and hard-working German parents were not impressed with my idea – of course.

So they convinced me to get a Bachelor degree in English and History first and THEN move to Australia. By the time I was about to graduate however, I had already met my Indonesian boyfriend and decided to move to Bali instead! Here, I have been surfing and working on fulfilling my dreams for the past few years.

My lifestyle is very simple. Influenced by the surf-budget-vagabonding lifestyle I have become very modest and resourceful. I much prefer a minimalist lifestyle in a bamboo tree house to a posh mansion with white walls and fluffy carpets. You could call me a sea gypsy, as I love to travel with as little as possible and keep it simple.

I don’t have high expectations – at least not in the material sense. As long as I am healthy, have a surfboard, a roof over my head and food in my belly I am content. However, I do have very high expectations on LIVING:  I want to live life to the fullest, be happy all the time, love generously and be loved back and surf everyday for the rest of my life! That is a lot to ask, but… if you don’t ask you will never get it!

Until now, I have worked as a kitchen hand, waitress, barista, on trade shows, in retail, as a farm worker, vine pruner, babysitter, teacher (kindergarten through to junior high school), surf instructor – and right now as a blogger and freelance writer in a tropical home by the beach. I could say that I have made it to the place I have always been looking for … but I am (too young and) too curious for all the other gifts life has to offer to simply stop there!

For me, life is a constant source of fascination and inspiration and I cannot get enough of it! Whatever I discover along the path and find worth sharing, I will post on this blog. I would love you to join me on this journey for TRUE HAPPINESS! Thank you.

Mahalo and lots of love! <3