“IN Surf Camp”: The ultimate girls-only surf camp in Bali and Norway

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Pure admiration for this unique, fascinating Surfcamp

The IN Surf Camp in beautiful Pekutatan, West Bali (and in Hoddevik, Norway) is like no other surf camp! They provide a unique, extremely fun surf experience for surfer girls that will change your surfing and especially your attitude forever! I can say this because I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of it as a participant and photographer in Bali. And I can tell you: It changed my life (no kidding)!
I caught the most waves in a long time, had an awesome time with great new friends, ate delicious healthy food and lived like a princess for 11 days (one of my favourite parts was the gala-dinner right at the beach, at the beautiful Eco-Resort “Puri Dajuma”!). Through the great mental training and surf guiding at IN Surf Camp, I have become a much more confident surfer. After being quite fed up with my own performance (or lack thereof) and the crowds in Bali, I finally re-discovered the FUN in surfing – that’s what it’s all about after all! If any of this rings a bell for you, I highly recommend reading on. IN Surf is exactly what you need right now!

I am writing this article straight from my heart, with absolute honesty and admiration for this unique, wonderful venture and all the people involved. (Yes, I am talking about you, Agung, Santo, Herman, Hannah, Nicola, Klara, Gunhilde, Elinor and Zee! Not to forget, Kadek & Kadek and the lovely kitchen team. Lots of love 😉 )

The cherry on top: The IN Sessions

The secret of this unique surf camp are the IN Sessions, a completely new approach to surf theory and the mental side of surfing. IN Surf was especially designed for surfer girls and their individual needs. It will not only improve your surfing, but especially your mental attitude to surfing! Surfing is so much more about your attitude and confidence than about your strength or ‘sportiness!’ Through IN Surf, I have experienced how much your surfing can improve through little changes. One of them is to simply tell yourself before every wave: “YES, I CAN DO IT!” This positive attitude will make you feel more self-confident and catch more waves than ever before. Particularly as women, we are a lot more in our heads. We constantly think about what we are doing, what we can or cannot do and assess the risks of every move we make in the water. If you have ever felt frustrated in the water or even considered quitting surfing all together – IN Surf Camp is exactly the place to fix that!
In addition to all the regular lessons on surf etiquette, types of breaks and waves, manoeuvres and regular, super helpful in-depth photo analysis, you will understand surfing at a whole new level: The mental part of it. At IN Surf, you will be able to discuss and deal with any thoughts or worries you might have as a surfer girl. And you will see: There are others who feel exactly like you! It makes a HUGE difference to be able to discuss your feelings with like-minded, supportive girls in a comfortable, accommodating atmosphere. But not only that; we also learnt about a super helpful technique to hold your breath during a wipe-out/ not panic in the water. Furthermore, there are great IN-Sessions about “Fear,” setting personal “Goals” and “Crowds.” These group sessions were designed with great care and surfer girls in mind to ensure that you will change the way you see surfing. I hugely recommend joining the camp, even if it were just for joining these awesome lessons. They are the cherry on top for the twice-daily, super fun surf sessions!

An awesome time is all about the people: Meet the IN Surf-Team

The team of IN Surf provides a unique, extremely fun, all-inclusive 11-days surf experience for surfer girls. They are like no other staff I have met before at any surf camp. The team features great chefs, a private surf-photographer and some of the most highly-motivated, passionate, supportive, UNDERSTANDING surf guides: Agung, Santo and Herman are all local surfers from Pekutatan/ Medewi. That means they have the full respect of the local surf community and will get you into the best waves. They are lovely, mature (all in their 30ies and married) and very experienced surf instructors. Each of them has many years of experience of teaching surfing to all levels of surfers. They simply want the best for everyone.
I personally found it very refreshing not to be constantly hit on by the surf coaches – as is basically routine in most other camps! This way, you know that you can rely on their fairness and judgment 100%. They do a great job at helping each surfer girl at their individual level – no judging, sexist comments or questions asked. Furthermore, they are extremely talented surfers themselves and (used to) compete in national competitions. When Herman was younger he used to be a professional surfer, sponsored by Volcom and competed regularly. Agung is also the manager and occasional tour-guide of the camp. He will take you on awesome daytrips when the surf is flat, or your sore, surfed out body is calling for a time-out!

Who can join?

Along with a super fun, kind and supportive group of eight other surfer girls, you get the chance to evaluate your surfing and get to a whole new level – no matter what your current level of skills is! This surf camp was designed by experienced surfers and instructors and suits surfer girls of all levels. No matter whether you are a complete beginner, looking for the first rush of riding a wave, an intermediate with some sessions already under your belt, or a seasoned soul surfer – this camp will offer you exactly what you need to get to the next level!

It doesn’t end there – IN Surf is also taking social responsibility

Another reason why IN-Surf is the best surf camp in Bali is because they care about the Indonesian people and want to support the future generations. In this respect, they are very different from most businesses in Bali. It is sad for me to see how many wealthy Western business people come to Bali, open a huge business and make truckloads of money (literally), but speak disrespectfully, even deprecatingly and often with an openly racist attitude about the people who own this country. A lot of Western businessmen and investors who come to Bali simply do not take the time to understand the complex, intriguing Indonesian culture(s). They want to make money – fast- and have no interest whatsoever in this beautiful, rich and shamelessly exploited archipelago.
IN Surf is different in so far that they “employ, produce and eat locally,” in order to support the local community and the become involved with their surroundings. They are planning to set up a program to support local surfer girls and women, for example. The first participant is Gita, a lovely girl from the neighbourhood of the camp, who is very stoked to learn how to surf. She is one of the first few girls who were born in this area to get this opportunity. Unfortunately – as in many other countries – surfing in Indonesia is still a male-dominated sport. This needs to change and with great local pro-surfer girls like Cinta Hansel and Taina Izquierdo, the female surf-community in Indonesia will continue to grow!

Read more about the details of the camp or make a booking on the website: http://insurfcamp.com/


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