10 Reasons why Bali is the perfect destination for surfergirls

1.      Perfect waves

Pretty much the entire world knows about Bali by now: The Island of the Gods, where divine waves roll onto the shores ceaselessly – a surfer’s heaven on earth. Of course this means that Bali is flooded with surf-hungry tourists (especially during dry season from June-September). But there is a sheer endless amount of waves to choose from and there is consistent, great SURF EVERY SINGLE DAY!
The waves in Bali are mostly very high-quality reef breaks, which means that each wave – like world-famous Uluwatu for example – breaks in nearly the same pattern every single day (at different sizes and changing wind conditions, of course). That gives you the opportunity to figure out the wave, get used to it and surf it to its full potential. This way, you will be able to surf much better in a very short time. This is simply because you can fully focus on your surfing and no longer need to worry about the conditions, as for example in a windy, mushy European beach break. Rather than struggling to read these messy waves until you run out of breath and paddle in with frustration, in Bali you have much less to worry about! Here, you will spend a much larger amount actually standing up on your board than paddling around.
Additionally, there are breaks for all levels, from complete beginner to absolute pro. There are waves for everyone! And the best thing: All waves are easily accessible and open to the public (although the local government may charge a small entrance fee).

2.      Warm water

There is not much to say about it. Warm water is a blessing for all surfers. As a surfergirl, you enjoy the freedom to just throw on a bikini, a dress and head off to surf! No more squeezing into wetsuits, UTIs from cold and wet bikinis, brain-freeze when you duckdive, getting changed in ice-cold carparks or stiff fingers from the cold!

3.      Surfgirl community

There is a great community of surfergirls in Bali. Especially if you are planning to travel alone, there is no reason to worry about not finding a suitable surf mate. You will always be able to find (female) surf-buddies, including local surfer-girls, who are ready to cheer you on and call you into the best wave of your life! Connect via the facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/germanmermaiddiary/ for example, or have a look at www.balisurfergirls.com
The surfgirl community offers great opportunities: Together, we can have fun, grow and push each other’s limits, defy the boys and just laugh at any sexist comments. As girls we often have different mental issues with surfing, other ambitions and another attitude towards surfing than the boys. I find it absolutely priceless to be able to exchange my fears, worries, things that hold me back or annoy me with fellow surfgirls. How do you feel about it? If you would like to work on your surfing on a mental, as well as a physical level, go to www.insurfcamp.com , or read about my experience at their amazing surfcamp for girls in my article: http://germanmermaiddiary.com/243-2/
More and more girls visit Bali – or even live here (lucky me :)) – to surf great waves. Let me tell you: It is the best place to really improve your surfing. It is always pumping somewhere! There are some seriously good local surfer girls who are on their way to becoming world-famous pros (or already are): Take for example Bonne Gea from Nias, or Cinta Hansel and Taina Izquierdo from Bali, who grew up surfing these perfect waves – they absolutely rip! They are serious competition for the guys! With more and more rippers like them and continuous progress in the conditions on the Women’s World Tour, we are on the way to finally being accepted as equal in the water. Yaaayyyy!

(picture courtesy of www.insurfcamp.com )

4.      Simple, cheap and breezy transportation 😉

There is no better feeling than putting your board in a bike-rack and heading to the beach with the wind in your face. Absolute freedom! The petrol is cheap, scooter-rental is affordable and getting on a scooter requires about as little effort as throwing on your bikini. The best thing about scooters in Bali traffic: You can weave your way past cars stuck in traffic! Ha! In addition to that, you can drive your bike over the narrowest cliff path to the surf and park it almost anywhere. Pure bliss 🙂

Golden Rules for motorbikes anywhere in Indonesia
1. Always wear a helmet!
2. Never leave any valuables in your bike when you park it!
3. If you have no other option than to park in a hidden or unsafe area, put in the steering lock!

5.      Great rehabilitation opportunities for athletes

As a surfer, it is important that you work on your overall fitness. That does not only include the back and shoulder muscles, which we mainly use, but also the core and leg muscles. There are many options in Bali to train ALL parts of your body and keep it in a balanced, healthy shape. There are great Yoga studios all over the island (especially in Ubud, e.g. http://www.theyogabarn.com/ and Canggu, e.g. https://www.thepracticebali.com/ ). Spas in Indonesia are cheap as and the best ones provide great deep tissue massage to soften sore muscles – simply the BEST after a full day of surfing!! Read more in my article in the category Healthy Living: http://germanmermaiddiary.com/category/healthy-living/

6.      Safety

Bali is a very safe place for female surf-travellers. You will have no trouble finding your way around on your own and people are generally very respectful and helpful. (Nevertheless, it is common sense to always keep your eyes and ears open for any ‚black sheep.‘)

7.      Cheap, healthy food and loads of fresh fruit, plus …COCONUTS!!!

There are soooo many great options for healthy AND inexpensive surf meals! Try the famous, cheap buffet-style rice dishes, „Nasi Campur,“ (engl. ‚mixed rice‘) at any local food stall. You may also want to explore the cafés and international restaurants (not so cheap) or indulge in fresh fruit and vegetables after a visit to a local market. Yum! Yum! Yum!

8.      Beautiful surroundings

 Bali is a paradise island. There are diverse landscapes waiting for you all over Bali: Beaches and the ocean of course, but also mountains and volcanoes, beautiful lakes, lush tropical forest, picturesque rice fields and much more!

9.      Cheap equipment

There is an endless supply for any kind of surf equipment in Bali. From bikinis, to reef boots and sunscreen, you will find everything a surfergirl’s heart desires – at affordable prices, too! Make sure to pay a visit to at least one of the several awesome surf outlets (for example the Rip Curl Outlet/ OSO, see their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Original-Surf-Outlet-OSO-433603533444135/ ). Furthermore, you can find a huge amount of second-hand equipment, for example in the most popular fb group „Bali surfboards buy and sell“: https://www.facebook.com/groups/481994611848814/

10. Kind, supportive locals

Always ask the locals. They are very welcoming, offer great insights and can give you advice on surf lessons, surf spots, accommodation, transport, the closest toilet or any other essential information. In Indonesia, it’s all about relations and knowing the right people, so don’t be shy and embrace the community! 😉

(pic a courtesy of www.insurfcamp.com )

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